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Bell is so bad you wouldn't belive all they do to you consumers! I work for a bell reseller and i see it first hand, i take escalated calls. Bell will slam your line, that means your with a 3rd party then take your line from that party and YOU either your dial tone or just get a bill from Bell. Then one more game they play is, they offer you a long distance plane, 10$ unlimited north america. They will place the charge on your bill BUT WILL NOT GET YOUR LONG DISTANCE FROM YOUR CURRENT PROVIDER. So what happens? Well you get charge 10$ by bell and also charge your actual long distance by your provider.

Then we have high-speed internet issue, well bell resell the service to many small ISP (internet service provider). So this year in my 9 years experience with a small ISP, wa the worst *** we had from bell. We submit an order and we get a date, this is not a confirmed due date. Then we wait for bell, it a minimum of 5 business days in a perfect world. But Bell got so many orders from all the little guys that they became backlog, going from a 5 to a 15 business days. Thats not all, the monopoly (bell)also has field tech that WE HAVE to use to connect our customers, thats a mess. They will reject connection for whatever reason, bird on the box, tim horton coffey to good, they WILL say that no one was home when they never knock on your door!!!

Any way, pepole can *** at Primus but there is a lot more beind the curtens that consumers see's. I wish you all the best of luck but understand what you cant understand!!


Review about: Primus Canada Internet Service.

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