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To say that Primus' customer service is apalling is an understatement. They have absolutely no respect for the privacy (and safety) of their customers.

I signed up two years ago with Primus and brought over up my already unlisted phone number. However, despite my payments to keep it unlisted, they published it in two consecutive phone books.

One year after I initially signed up, I discovered my number and address were printed in that year's phone book. I immediately emailed Primus customer service department to which they confirmed that I had in fact been paying for an unlisted number. Nothing was proposed to rectify the incredible inconvenience of this misprint.

Documented via email, Primus finally agreed, at a minimum to have my phone number and more importantly, my address removed from canada411.ca. 7 months later it was still not removed from the internet. When I complained again and told them I would likely have to move because my address was now public (and even threatened legal action), I finally got my first apology. However, the only compensation they would offer was a $10 discount off my next bill.

Then, after all of the months of waiting for them to remove my contact information from the internet, I was told that it was up to me to contact canada411 to have it removed myself. They would not do it for me.

One month later, 8 months after I had informed them of their error, they published my phone number and address in yet ANOTHER telephone book! That was after almost 2 years of paying for my number to be unlisted.

Over the last year, I have made multiple requests for a manager to call me. Although promises were made on multiple occasions, I have yet to speak with one. From the day I signed up, I continued to pay for an unlisted number until just recently when I was finally able to relocate to another address and cancel my service.

Most unfortunate that they could not have shown a little bit of remorse or sincere desire to rectify the situation. This happened to a friend of mine with her service provider and they handled it so well that she retained her phone service with them.

Additionally, if you have any desire to ever speak to any of Primus' customer service reps on the telephone, you should expect incredibly long wait times to the point that you eventually give up and just deal with the issues you are have been handed.

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I was finally able to "resolve" this with a manager. To make matters worse, it was also uncovered that I was overcharged on my final bill.

Unfortunately the most they would credit me was $50 for the huge inconvenience I was handed. Hardly makes a dent in the expense of moving in addition to the two years of fees I paid for unlisted service.

It's too bad these big companies are well aware that the legal fees to fight them wouldn't be worth it in the end...at least not financially.

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