Primus Canada has just changed my internet plan from unlimited to 25GB. Talked to their customer service and they confirmed that they can make any change, at any time to the plan, as long as they give 30 days notification. The customer has to pay.

For example, even they increase the rate to $5000/month and reduce your usage to zero. You can cancel the service, but cancellation fee will be charged.

Easy money! Isn't it?

Will avoid anything related to Primus. Will be careful of anybody that does business with them. Surely will let other people know my story.

Review about: Primus Canada Bundle.

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Wasn't their fault, they buy wholesale from Bell, Bell got a ruling from the CRTC about billing, CRTC ruled in their favour, so billing by usage is now required BUT this ruling has been appealed (as of January 31, 2011)...stay tuned...also, you can buy an additional 40G for $5.00. (small price to pay)



Did you notice they charges for 2 months in the begging. So we have already paid for one extra month.

Is the disconnection fee other than that one advance month?

Were you on triple value bundle? Do they charge cancellation for Phone only or for the whole service?

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