Stay far, far, far away. I was a very long time customer of their DSL service in Vancouver and Montreal (5+ years) and canceled about 8 months ago. I can't tell you how many frustrated hours I've spend on the phone with them trying to resolve the same issue over and over again (various issues over the years, in fact). I went through a lot of pain trying to resolve many technical and billing problems. I'd finally had enough when I decided their slow and unreliable DLS service was not worth the lower price - I was tired of service constantly dropping, which it would do at least two or three times a day, taking several minutes to come back online each time. And that's where the fun begins.

When I canceled 8 months ago, I had to return the old modem they lent me or there would be a $100 charge. They were supposed to send me something in the mail to stick to the box, with the address and postage paid. It didn't come, so I called and they said they sent another one. It didn't come. After several frustrated calls I finally just asked for the address, and paid for the postage myself. I waited, and sure enough they kept sending me bills with a $100 "modem not retunred" charge, and even sent me a collection notice (which I took VERY SERIOUSLY!!!). I called many times to try to sort it out, and eventually they realized they had received the modem but never credited my account for it, and I was eventually able to FINALLY close my account, about one month ago. They reassured me many times during the entire process that they would not send anything to collections while we were sorting it all out. And, guess what I received in the mail over a month after finally sorting everything out and closing my account? You guessed it - a notice in the mail from a collections agency demanding a $114 payment. I can only imagine what I'm going to have to go through now with them to rectify this, and how many hours I'll need to spend on the phone to ensure that they collections off my back and repair any damage to my credit rating that they have made. I have called them already about it, and they didn't seem to take it very seriously. It would almost have been more worth it just to pay the $100 modem fee from the start, even though that wouldn't have been fair, just to avoid all of this.

So there you are: stay far, far, far away from Primus. You won't enjoy your experience.

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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada #614416

Thank goodness for this site and the willingness of Primus customers to share their experiences.Let the buyer beware.

I was looking at Primus but will look for other options now.And I'll be telling my friends about this site....

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada #614412

I've been looking for an alternative to Rogers for four services i now subscribe to.And I'd been looking at Primus to provide at least three of those services.

Not any more. The complaints I've seen on this site have convinced me not to go anywhere near Primus.

I'll try to negotiate a better deal with rogers, drop some services or try to find a RELIABLE company.Many thanks.........Ramon


Primus Ottawa.Cancelled months ago and keep getting invoices.

This companies billing dept.

is staffed by morons.Stay away from Primus!

Incompetent, lousy ISP, bad service, would never have picked them but they bought Magma who were a decent company...



We're sorry to hear about your situation. We would like to further review your account. We invite you to contact us directly at: execresp@primustel.ca.


Don Pelletier

Executive Response Representative

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