I advised Purims Canada of my move one month ahead of time. They promised to get my phone connected on December 01, 2009.

I called them on Dec 02 because the line wasn't connected. They said it will take until December 11 to get connection because they go through a third party. It didn't happen on Dec 11 either. I called a few times and they kept promising the next day connection.

Finally I called and asked for cancellation of work order on December 17. They said they can't cancel or there would be a charge of $60.

I told them that they should pay me for the inconvenience they have caused. Very unreliable company.

Monetary Loss: $60.

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As for the speeds and if you know a few things about DSL companies; in their marketing ads, they say "Up to 7Mbps" well the "Up to..." stands for something. What plays a maojor role in the speeds is the distance you are situated from their CO(Central Office).

Now, they have a maximum distance that they can put a customer on and if it happens that you are near the maximum distance well, they will not be able to push the entire speeds.

Like Primus, they are a reseller working over Bell's network and of course the competition comes in play. think of that


primus canada sucks ,stay away from them


It has been nearly a year, I got pissed off by primus for my internet connection. I have bought the 7 mbps and got a max of 3 mbps.

I have send complaints to CRTC and they cannot do anything about the speeds of the internet. so forget about the CRTC for the issues of speeds.


Primus Canada disconnected my line "by mistake" without any reason or notice. They said it was a mistakes & don't know when I will be reconnected as they have to go through Bell Canada.

Run folks or should I say jump ship before it sinks. Also send your complaints to the CRTC.

Angry in TO.

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